Atmosphères (mp3)

A piece with three linked movements evoking different moods: Tension, Serenity, Intoxication. From the first bars, the listener is attacked: a succession of rhythmical effects on the percussion and in the orchestra (divided into small sections), varied orchestral colours; all this creates a great deal of tension which is quickly relaxed by a gentle slow movement.

Calm comes with a rhythmical ostinato in chordal changes played by the brass; above this the nostalgic oboe sings. In the expressive key of E flat minor, the cor anglais declaims a calm and generous theme. The orchestra tries, from time to time, to make its voice heard, but cadences interrupt it before a tutti leading to the next movement.

The third movement, subtitled "Intoxication ", is like a race with reminiscences of the first movement. This is followed by a stressful chromatic section. A more classical theme on F major finally appears, thwarted several times by the chromatic elements. In the coda, the composer brings back the different aspects of the work by evoking the thematic cells which were used.







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