Equinoxe (mp3)

From the Latin nox  (the night) and aequus (equal), the equinox indicates the day when the day is equal to the night. Each year, on the 21st March and the 23 September, light and dark are equal. To celebrate or upset the equinox, the moon comes to the meeting and disrupts habits: the tides are high and spectacular, the storms violent. Nature shows itself more clearly in these days.

The equinox is also a special period for artists: their sensitivity reaches its climax, their necessity to create wakes up; the insomnia waiting for them becomes favourable for composing.

Doubtless it is a little of all this that the composer wished to express in this piece, first performed at Montceau-les-Mines the 14 December 1997 by the Amis Réunis conducted by the composer during a concert devoted entirely to his pieces.

Equinoxe is dedicated to Jean-François Duband, a friend of the composer, to Daniel Ribolet, conductor of the Amis Réunis of Montceau-les-Mines as well as the musicians of this band.







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