Greetings from Jersey (mp3)

The work has three parts evoking different aspects of Jersey where, surrounded by numerous bays, fishing ports are situated. This work was composed after a sojourn on the island and it is an evocation of different atmospheres that appealed to the composer. In other words, it is a set of three picture postcards that are rather suggestive than truly descriptive, taken along by the traveller als memories.

Everything in Jersey turns around the sea, which is also the binding element of these evocations. Thus every part begins with a rather mysterious introduction representing the different aspects of the sea.

The first movement, Bouley Bay follows after the introduction, it is an allegro with two themes. Contrary to the normal practice, a lyrical theme in 4/4 is first presented and it is followed by a bright second theme in 3/4.

These themes in the movement recur under different orchestrations, or interwoven. The mysterious introduction is resumed as a conclusion, but in a more rhythmical version.

The second movement, Rozel Bay, starts with a contrast between brass and wood. The tenor saxophone presents the romantic theme in a minor key. It is subsequently repeated by the orchestra in an ABACA sheme.

In the coda, the pedal on the tonic evokes distant landscapes.

The third movement depicts the capital St. Helier, the heart of business on the island. A march emerges from a somewhat ambiguous atmosphere. A maestoso (allegro)-theme is interrupted by theme-fragments of Bouley Bay – nostalgic recollections of the most beautyful moments of the sojourn – and ends in a grandioso, derived from the first theme of the first movement, but in 3/4. The rhythm on the little drum renders the numerous bustling little shopping streets of the town.







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