Rencontres (mp3)

Rencontres (1991) is a piece commissioned for the opening of the first European Band Festival, held at Beaume les Dames in France in May 1992, and destined for G. Scheid and the "Fédération Régionale des Sociétés Musicales" of Franche-Comté.

This piece, written for a large or small brass band, offers two distinct styles, finely chiselled by the composer. The opening is solemn, as befits a festival overture, then travels through the contrasts of a very rhythmical second section, followed by a singing third section. These bring to mind the agitation and dreams found in all musical meetings.

Rencontres  was chosen to be the imposed piece for the competition of the "Confédération Musicale de France" in 1994.







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