Synergies (mp3)

A work rich in contradictions. Inspired by several different styles, it brings together new and old energies at the service of the modern brass band. The end of the second millenium is evoked by a few regrets and hesitations, while the hopes offered by the third millenium are a certain source of new and living energy. The introduction casually throws the twentieth century behind us. Many rests or rhythmical formulas evoke some absences of mankind in the 20th century. The work has two main themes. The first is based on the interval of the fourth while the second is an energetic rhythmic formula. The questions of the introduction appear accentuated by a few musical pursuits evoking mankind's constant search for happiness. The minor keys favour the rhythm of the second theme. The orchestra relentlessly develops an enormous energy. The first theme uses the rhythms of the second to finish this eventful allegro. Very expressive, the Andante in F minor also develops a discreet nostalgia. A sort of funeral march can be imagined. A short cadential transition puts mankind in orbit for the third millenium. The coda opens the door to all hopes and uses a few resources that the composer had reserved to express his joy.







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