Bij ons in Kee Bie (mp3)

The march Bij ons in Kee Bie  (1992) was composed at the request of the Base Commander of Kleine Brogel, Colonel A. Janssens. At his request, it was based on the tune of the Limburg Hymn. The title alludes to the name of the Air Force base at Kleine Brogel (Kee Bie) in the Belgian province of Limburg. The convention of integrated popular songs and other tunes into a composition has a long tradition, used by many composers, such as Smetana in the Moldau, Brahms in the Akademische Fest-Ouverture or Stravinsky in Petrouchka. In Bij ons in Kee Bie, the melody is quoted in the second part, transformed into a march. The composer, in this piece, displays his talent in orchestration.







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