Falcon and Wolf (mp3)

March of 1 Wing at Beauvechain

The official marching song of the 1° Wing starts with the shout of the Fighters La Chasse ... Bordel  (translated best as The chase ... chaos), which after having been reteated, is followed by a military flourish of trumpets that lets the unique identity of the Air base of Beauvechain resound. The awakening of the falcon is then portrayed by the following diminuendo. At the moment when he approaches his prey, the orchestral cescendo resounds and ends in a tutti that expresses the final attack. The fight is than musically expressed and brought to life.

As an introduction to the second part, we hear the trumpets that are then followed by several notes of Peter and the Wolf  by Prokofiev, which at the same time introduces us to the wolf, the present emblem of the unit. The melody that follows brings to light the legendary coldbloddedness of this animal.







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