Taļaut-Taļaut (mp3)

March of the 2nd Tactical Wing of Florennes

The march Taïaut-Taïaut was composed at the request of colonel Léon Sténuit, head of the 2nd Tactical Wing of the Belgian Air Force base at Florennes.

The introduction brings to mind the take-off of an F16. After a short allusion to the Sambre et Meuse march, the composer develops an original theme reminding us of some bumps that he experienced in a flight on an F16. This is followed by solos on the percussion and the piccolo reminding us of regional marches. The reprise of the first theme expresses the delight of flying.

In the Trio, Alain Crepin quotes the Taïaut, a typical hunting horn call. This call is regularly recalled in the tradition of the Florennes base. After a theme drawn from the Taïaut melody follows a passage on trombones and the bass division in the American style. This passage reminds us of the many years that the Americans were present on the Florennes air force base. This march is dedicated to Colonel Sténuit and to the Taïaut Band.







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