Dans les steppes de l'Asie Centrale (mp3)

In the Steppes of Central Asia  (Alexander Borodin, arr. Alain Crepin - 1998)

Borodin (1833-1887), an amateur musician, was a surgeon at the Military Academy of Medecine and Surgery at St. Petersburg. He said of himself that he was a "Sunday musician" (i.e. an amateur).

He composed famous pieces like Prince Igor and In the Steppes of Central Asia. He himself gave a guide to this piece: "In the silence of the sandy steppes can be heard a Russian melody of peace. Melancholic oriental songs can also be heard, as well as approaching horses and camels. A caravan, accompanied by Russian soldiers, is walking in the immensity of the desert. It fearlessly pursues its long march, totally confident under the escort of its guards. It goes on, further and further. The songs of the Russians and the natives merge, as they become more and more distant, finally disappearing in the far desert. Alain Crepin, in transcribing this work, has tried to keep the colours of Borodin, while respecting as much as possible Borodin's instrumentation.







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