Quatmosphères (mp3)

This is a quite difficult work in three parts written for the Dinant Saxophone Quartet. The first part speaks of tension: the introduction leaves the listener perplexed. With vigour and tenacity, the four saxophones try to install contrasted melodic cells. The sequences are a little disturbing and each gives the impression that it is trying to find its own path. Happily, calm returns in a very persistent way. Tight chords develop a sort of passacaglia where the soprano sax serenely floats over the other parts. The tenor sax seizes this possibility to express all of its sadness while the baritone sax ensures the cohesion of the second movement. The third part brings us back to the mysterious beginning before starting a little chasing play between the four saxophones. All the chromatic cells finally give their place to a tonal theme played by the alto sax. The different atmospheres of the composition are recalled in the final coda.







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